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What are Backlinks

Understanding BackLink and Anchor Text. 

Are links from another website to your website.
Google uses the number of backlinks as a sign of authority.
All things being equal, one website with more backlinks than another website of a similar topic will rank higher.
 What-are-BacklinksAnchor text:
The text that you use when making a link to another website. 
Click here

Which one anchor text is best and which is bad. "Good"            itlearn2earn: "Best"  Click here: "Bad"
Before create a link to any website you must check the popular anchor text on that site.
Copy site URL where you want to submit backlink. And past
Here you see “backlink, top pages and the most popular anchor text”.
Now use the popular anchor text to you article and publish it. 

How to create an anchor text backlink in the comments.
When you submit comments on any site for backlinks, here you use anchor text backlinks. Today I teach you how can you do it. Copy this code and paste into the comments, And do some change.
         " target="_blank">itlearn2earn

Change "" with your website name and "itlearn2earn" with anchor text.
Now paste code in the comments. 
Read more about Search Engine Optimization.

Get Backlink through comments.

1) Go to
2) Search “”.
3) Search keyword that like your content.
4) In comments section.
     Write your name, your email address and website URL
     After this write your comments, You must submit comments that related to the article
     where you want to  comment.
     In the end write your site URL again.
5) now click on submit comment.
Your have done it.
How to Find all backlinks of my competitors sites?
There are many types of site that check your blog backlinks.
1. Free ones
2. Paid ones
3. Forum who can provide this service for cheap, like some price per site.
So based on the replies, here is the list of tools

1. -  Free

2. - Free

3. - Paid site that provide Full backlink report.

4. - It showed nearly all backlinks of my website as reported by webmaster tool.
This one is interesting, 
  It is paid.


Keep learning with "itlearn2earn".


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