Thursday, April 17, 2014


Adsense Alternatives

Adsense-AlternativesGoogle AdSense is a main of Sources Earning  through Site/Blog but you know its not easy to "Verified Google Adsense Account" with Website/Blog. For this reason today i describe you how could you start  earning with Google Adsense without to much wait. You have no need to buy google Adsense account form someone, or any website and not wait for 6 month.
Adsense-AlternativesFirst go to and Create your youtube account or just sign in if you have already account. Then go to your profile inside upload button and click on it and then click on Video manager. After that go to Channels Setting click on verified your mobile number google send you verification code insert code in text bar then click continue and press OK button. Enable "Moretization", click  enable monetization account then check all 3 small box and click on accept button.

 After this go to channel setting and click monetization setting then select "how will i get paid in monetization". Click the link Associate adsense account. Setup user name on youtube to give same information then next. Complete a necessary step. Now you have ready for Earning money with Google Adsense.
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