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Champions League
Champions League Twenty20, 2014 LIVE NOW!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

RSS Feed

How to Get RSS Feedburner for Your Blog?
Google RSS Feedburner stands for "Rich Site Summary". RSS feed-burner facilitate readers to get their favorite site/Blog updates into their email box directly. Its Setup with Google and its a great tool for internet marketing. There are many free Email Marketing futures in RSS Feedburner tools. RSS Feedburner is one of the most essential part of a blogger to set up for their blog. Some features of RSS Feedburner are listed below.
Its a free Email Marketing Tool with 100% Email delivery on time. Its Owned by Google and Easy to use, manage & easily be integrated with any theme.
You can easily get full control over your subscribers and you must setup RSS Feedburner in your blog/site from First Day. You can monetize your ads with RSS feed if you have Approved Google Adsense Account. You give option to your readers to subscribes blog for receiving any updates in their Email and also you can easily track the performance using this tool.
How to Setup RSS Feedburner for Your Blog?
So, lets get started with our guide. First of all I prefer to use your domain/brand name in your feed name. Its quite better for Search Engine Optimization of your blog. You can put more functionality in your blog feeds, using the Google Feedburner tool. So follow the step by step guide below to setup RSS Feedburner for your blog.
  • To setup RSS Feedburner on your blog you need a Google account to login if you don't have any gmail account then first you create a Google account. You required a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free on Google.
  • After sign up your Google account, go to and Login with your Google account. In text bar you write you website / blog feed Url address and click on Next button.
  • Next page checks on the first option and click Next button. Now write your feed title and address. You must write your feed title like as your site/ blog name and if your blog feed address is long or already registered in Feedburner then you write a short address of your RSS Feedburner. Once you can do it, then click on next button. 
  • You are done, On the next page you will get a confirmation message from Feedburner about the successful feed creation.
  • You have successfully updated the feed "itlearn2earn" (your blog feed title). You see, Google feedburner dashboard, Now click on Publicize, its show a different option for setting an RSS Feedburner.
In the left sidebar have many options like Feed Count, Socialize, Chicklet Chooser, Creative Commons, Nolndex and etc.  
  • Go with Chicklet Chooser. RSS Feedburner HTML Setting show on the right side (show in the figure), Choose any icon for RSS feeds that you like, select blogger in the footer and click on Go! button.

  • After doing this copy HTML code and insert in your blog page templates, just save the template and you have done.
     Your Feedback is highly valued & appreciated
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What are Backlinks

Understanding BackLink and Anchor Text. 

Are links from another website to your website.
Google uses the number of backlinks as a sign of authority.
All things being equal, one website with more backlinks than another website of a similar topic will rank higher.
 What-are-BacklinksAnchor text:
The text that you use when making a link to another website. 
Click here

Which one anchor text is best and which is bad. "Good"            itlearn2earn: "Best"  Click here: "Bad"
Before create a link to any website you must check the popular anchor text on that site.
Copy site URL where you want to submit backlink. And past
Here you see “backlink, top pages and the most popular anchor text”.
Now use the popular anchor text to you article and publish it. 

How to create an anchor text backlink in the comments.
When you submit comments on any site for backlinks, here you use anchor text backlinks. Today I teach you how can you do it. Copy this code and paste into the comments, And do some change.
         " target="_blank">itlearn2earn

Change "" with your website name and "itlearn2earn" with anchor text.
Now paste code in the comments. 
Read more about Search Engine Optimization.

Get Backlink through comments.

1) Go to
2) Search “”.
3) Search keyword that like your content.
4) In comments section.
     Write your name, your email address and website URL
     After this write your comments, You must submit comments that related to the article
     where you want to  comment.
     In the end write your site URL again.
5) now click on submit comment.
Your have done it.
How to Find all backlinks of my competitors sites?
There are many types of site that check your blog backlinks.
1. Free ones
2. Paid ones
3. Forum who can provide this service for cheap, like some price per site.
So based on the replies, here is the list of tools

1. -  Free

2. - Free

3. - Paid site that provide Full backlink report.

4. - It showed nearly all backlinks of my website as reported by webmaster tool.
This one is interesting, 
  It is paid.


Keep learning with "itlearn2earn".

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adsense Alternatives

Adsense-AlternativesGoogle AdSense is a main of Sources Earning  through Site/Blog but you know its not easy to "Verified Google Adsense Account" with Website/Blog. For this reason today i describe you how could you start  earning with Google Adsense without to much wait. You have no need to buy google Adsense account form someone, or any website and not wait for 6 month.
Adsense-AlternativesFirst go to and Create your youtube account or just sign in if you have already account. Then go to your profile inside upload button and click on it and then click on Video manager. After that go to Channels Setting click on verified your mobile number google send you verification code insert code in text bar then click continue and press OK button. Enable "Moretization", click  enable monetization account then check all 3 small box and click on accept button.

 After this go to channel setting and click monetization setting then select "how will i get paid in monetization". Click the link Associate adsense account. Setup user name on youtube to give same information then next. Complete a necessary step. Now you have ready for Earning money with Google Adsense.
Lets us know about your opinion.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Remove Timeline

Will this method allows you to Enable/Disable Timeline of you own choice. For more details Please Visit/type . Now select/choose your browser among following.

                      (Download your Browser Here for Timeline add on)

    Remove TimelineRemove-Timeline
  1. As we click on Mozilla fire fox, you would see a button "Allow"  on your Browser top left corner, press Allow button & now install option appeared, at you screen.
  2. Click  "Install Now" and by few second it will install automatically.
  3. Now log-in your Facebook Account, as your Facebook page appear, go in setting on right top corner.
  4. Just click on "Timeline" Option, you will see in menu of setting. (see pic)
  5. In new window click on switch the timeline then its remove Timeline on you Facebook.
  6. Now you can "Switch between Old Facebook Style and Timeline Style".
Remove-TimelineLike "itlean2earn" on Facebook fan page and Give me your feedback, your feedback is highly valuable & appreciation. Thank You

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